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Microgravity Research

Kellie Gerardi - Canadian National Research Council Kellie has participated in a series of microgravity research flights in partnership with Project PoSSUM, the Canadian National Research Council (CNRC), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in Ottawa.

Parabolic flight profiles enabled Kellie and her flight crewmates to test a number of experiments in microgravity, including biometrics, fluid configuration, solid body rotation, spacesuits, and more. The team collected valuable data for a number of research collaborators, including the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Final Frontier Design, and others.

Kellie has alternated flight crew roles as both a Bio-Medical Monitor and the Suited Test Subject. While serving as the test subject herself, Kellie flew fully pressurized in a Final Frontier Design IVA spacesuit, while also outfitted with a Bio-Monitor undershirt. The Bio-Monitor experiment is a smart garment developed by the Canadian Space Agency, designed to track an astronaut’s vitals in real-time. To help support data collection and validation ahead of the experiment’s launch to the International Space Station, Kellie completed a number of exercise maneuvers in microgravity while wearing the Bio-Monitor smart garment. The experiment is currently onboard the International Space Station with CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques.

Kellie Gerardi - Microgravity Research Flight

Kellie Gerardi returning from a microgravity research flight after serving as the Suited Test Subject


Kellie Gerardi as Bio-Medical Research Monitor

Kellie Gerardi as Bio-Medical Research Monitor in Microgravity

As always, Kellie also brought along an item of small but personal significance to fly with her in microgravity – in this case, her daughter’s very own mission patch!

Kellie Gerardi - Microgravity

Kellie Gerardi flying her daughter’s patch in microgravity

Kellie Gerardi - Canadian National Research Council

Kellie Gerardi ahead of her microgravity flight at the Flight Research Lab of Canadian’s National Research Council in Ottawa

Kellie Gerardi Microgravity Flight

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