Aerospace + Defense Professional, Author, and Citizen Scientist

Science Communication


Kellie is the author of Not Necessarily Rocket Science: A Beginner’s Guide to Life in the Space Age (coming November 2020). Click here to pre-order!


The book was also included in the Fall Science Roundup from Publishers Weekly.


Other Book Contributions

George and the Blue Moon, by Lucy and Stephen Hawking (contributed a chapter about Mars as a guest author)

Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution, by Scott Solomon (interviewed in the book)


Media Appearances

Guest on ABC’s “The View”, 2013:

Guest on NPR’s “On Point with John Donovan”, 2014:

Featured on ABC’s “Nightline”, 2015:

Featured on ABC News, 2015:

Featured on Season 2, Episode 6 of Karl Pilkington’s “The Moaning of Life”, 2015:

Interviewed on Orange TV, France, 2016:


Digital Publications and Mentions

The Washington Post — At the Explorers Club annual gala, guests share a love of adventure — and eating tarantula, 2019:–and-eating-tarantulas/2019/05/03/ecb58310-624f-11e9-9ff2-abc984dc9eec_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.b2e926cafafa

The New York Times — Buzz Aldrin, Al Roker, Susan Lucci and Anna Wintour on the Awards Circuit, 2019: 

Vanity Fair (France) — Nothing Beats the Flamboyance of Buzz Aldrin During His Reunion With Former Apollo Astronauts, 2019:

Popular Mechanics – What I Learned Living Through a Simulated Mars Mission, 2015:

Huffington Post – The Next Decade in Commercial Spaceflight, 2016:

Huffington Post – The Martian Chronicles, 2015:

Huffington Post – In 10 Years I Hope to Live on Mars, 2014:

Popular Science – Meet the Mars One Candidates, 2014:

New York Times – A One Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up, 2014:

The New Yorker – Martians, 2014:

SpaceNews – DARPA, Industry Study How to Commercialize Experimental Spaceplane, 2014:

Vogue Business (Germany) – Interview with Kellie Gerardi, 2015:

Playboy – There Will Be Beer on Mars, 2015:

Monster.Com – Help Your Career Soar, 2015: – Mars on Earth? What Life is Like on the Red Planet, 2015:


Speaking and Keynote Presentations

Humans 2 Mars Conference: 2019

SXSW (Emerging Exploration with Atlas Obscura and GORE-TEX): 2019

NewSpace Conference Panel Moderator and Speaker: 2015, 2016, 2017

FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference Panel Moderator and Speaker: 2015, 2016

MIT – China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Speaker and Panelist: 2014

Rice University Lecture: 2014

National Space Symposium New Gen Speaker: 2015

SXSW V2V Conference Keynote: 2015

Inc 500 Annual Meeting Keynote: 2015

Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society Speaker: 2015

Writers of the Future Keynote: 2016

Comic Con Palm Springs Keynote: 2016

Escape Velocity Convention Speaker: 2016

Atlas Obscura Explorers Club Keynote: 2016

Women in Innovation Forum Keynote: 2017

Nat Geo Emerging Explorer Classroom Speaker: 2017


Awards and Recognition

Rising Talent, Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, 2015:

30 Under 30, Center for Development and Strategy, 2016:


From the first issue of BARBARA, Germany


Kellie Gerardi, in spacesuit, and Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux, right.
(c) Krista Schlueter for The New York Times


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